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A state-of-the-art digital printing set-up with machines which can print up to full range of vibrant colours. Our series of products include bags, pouches, small & big envelops, letterheads, cards made out of paper and boards for the food and retail outlets. Our products offer higher performance, superior durability, and convenience for our clients. Our creativity enables us to present a wide range of remarkable choices to meet all of our customers’ requirements.

Our printing machines offer high performance and low failure rates with straight forward and practical operation. We deliver our products with a dash of creativity and style. We never compromise on quality, our products always meet the highest expectations and standards, design & Excellence products come with our dedication to creativity, durability, quality and customer service.



Print Quality

  • Unique High definition prints with range of process colours (CMYK)
  • White colour printing on darker media, one of the unique features.
  • Stunning vibrancy of colours, can print actual photos with original colours.


Order Quantity

  • Conventional printers dictates their customers that minimum order quantity should not be less           than certain number but we respect our customer’s need.
  • With D&E you can order as low as 500 pieces based on your need.



Branding and packaging go hand in hand.

  • Branding has always been a vital part of any business. Your brand becomes your identity and            builts an image in the market.
  • Packaging also provides you with an opportunity to showcase your excellence in this                          competitive world.
  • Packaging is certainly an integral part of your brand, being a complete solution provider we              offer design services. With right packaging, you have a far better chance to get control over              how people perceive your business.


Our Customers

  • We want our customers to win. We specially target businesses which are about to start or                 have already started as small but eventually have plans to grow their businesses as brands in             future.
  • Customer's service and satisfaction are our priority.